Thursday, April 26, 2012

All Dystopian Society's are not created equal

I have given myself some off time from my blogs to adjust to everything going on in my life...but it doesn't mean I stopped reading.  My spring started with the Hunger Games trilogy and ended with the first two books in the Matched trilogy.  It has been interesting, I have to say I probably would have enjoyed the stories more had I not read so many dystopian teen fics back to back but I couldn't resist.  I was on some sort of crazy binge.  I am finally taking a break from it all and have moved on to adult erotica...oh yeah!

Lauren Oliver, Delirium
 For the life of me I cannot get through this book.  I keep starting and stopping.  Most reviews that I read speak so highly of the story and the characters...but I stalled about 150 pages in.  I am not connecting with the characters, I feel like I can predict  the entire plot.  This is fairly normal for me but I still enjoy experiencing how the author chooses to unfold the story.  Not in this case.  I think I am going to give it a tentative rating for now in hopes that I will pick it up again and finish it. 

Veronica Roth, Divergent
I loved this story, and completely connected with Beatrice.  The decision she is forced to make and the repercussions of the choice that will determine the rest of your life was a theme that for me, was so easy to relate to.  I would recommend this book to YA fans of all ages.  I am anxiously awaiting the follow up Insurgent coming out in a couple of weeks.

Ally Condie, Matched
Ally Condie, Crossed

The first book in this trilogy, Matched, sucked me in from page to describe a book that you couldn't put down but still had a sense of dissapointment when you were finished reading.  The first book was a quick read, a constant battle within your head of who you should be pulling the second book you feel like maybe just maybe Cassia made the wrong decision. At least I did.  The ending of the second book left something to be desired and I felt like this book may have had a bit too much build up for what it actually was but overall they were both enjoyable reads.  Not the best dystopian YA fic out there but good enough and entertaining enough that I would recommend them.  I will pick up the third and final (?) book in the series when it is released later this year.


Suzanne Collins, The Hunger Games Trilogy

Hmmm, what to say that hasn't already been written.  That I enjoyed these books would be an understatement. I fought tooth and nail not to read them, when my friends and family were ravenously devouring the books I said I was too busy and wasn't interested and ignored their plea's that I should read them.  All three books were consumed over a 2.5 day period, a form of insanity that I haven't engaged in since the Harry Potter or Twilight series.  I just couldn't stop.  Gale, Peeta, Katniss even Haymitch had me thoroughly hooked.  The horrors of the first book, entering the arena for the first time, Rue's tragic scene, that tenderness of the cave scene are moments that stand out for me.  The second books who wouldv'e seen it coming twist, the frenzy of the last 70 pages.  The final books complete about face, from a world you felt you were familiar with to a world you no longer recognized.  The horrors of their new reality. 

These books became a gateway drug for me the first dystopian YA books that I picked up.  After the reading frenzy that ensued I wanted nothing more than to continue exploring this dark kind of messed up world that Ms. Collins introduced me to.  But, there was no more.  So I moved on to other stories, other worlds.  And to be honest nothing has lived up to the standards set by The Hunger Games.