Thursday, January 31, 2013

The statistical probability of a teen romance done right

I can only imagine the dreamy look in a 15 year old readers eyes as they pick up this gem of a book by Jennifer E. Smith. Genuine, sweet, and oh so romantic. This book frequently reminded me of Judy Blume's Forever. While the stories are completely different the innocence and wistfulness of first love is captured brilliantly by both. 

Hadley, our heroine, is traveling to London for the much dreaded wedding of her father to the woman he left his family for. In her dad's search to find happiness, he shatters Hadley and her mother's life and she carries that hurt and bitterness with her. While waiting at the airport for her plane she meets Oliver who is returning to London to visit his family. While Oliver's reasons for his return home is kept hidden until the story develops more you are immediately drawn in by his easy going sweetness and tenderness towards Hadley.  

Oliver and Hadley have an instant connection and even though the plot is slow to unravel every page is a treat.  I especially enjoyed their interactions while on their overnight transatlantic flight and found myself wishing that on my many solo flights I would have had an Oliver to keep me company.   Before I give away too much of the story I will just say that reading this book for me was a kin to being wrapped up in a warm blanket. 

This is the perfect book for anyone who wants to indulge in a great little book minus the drama. Appropriate for all ages, and a perfect gift for the girl or lady in your life who dreams of falling in love.

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